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Galaxy S20 Repair in Birmingham

Phone Repair Services

The need of using mobile phones is increasing day by day and when anything is used a lot there may come some issues along with it that causes it to stop work properly, but before resolving that issue this must be assured that your phone is in safe hand so to resolve those issue our company Your Phone Guy LLC is always there to help you out whether there is any issue regarding your phone giving you the surety of secure work.

Our Company

Your Phone Guy LLC has been working for your services for about more than ten years, as we have worked with time we got many opportunities to make our service better from time to time. We not only repair your phone but also deal in the sale of mobile phones, we’ll be happy to serve you in any way possible. All you have to do is to contact us and your issue will get resolved in no time. You can hire the services of our experts to make your cell phone work just as new.


We provide you the best services for any kind of mobile phone whether it’s an iPhone, Android phone, or any other tablet. Some of our services are:

Android Repair

Your Phone Guy LLC gives you the surety of any kind of problem in your android phone, that if your phone screen is get damaged or there is a problem in its charging port or whether there is an issue in its camera or any other processing issue you can come to your Phone Guy LLC and we will give you trained technicians for your service. There is no new or over problematic phone for us you just have to describe your issue and it will get fixed in no time.

Battery Replacement

With the passage of time and the usage of the phone, your mobile battery doesn’t seem to work in the same way as it was in new condition so in that case, you need to replace your phone battery. Sometimes there is an issue with your battery or sometimes in the port of your mobile phone. Our experts will diagnose your problem and will find the solution according to your need whether the battery needs to be changed or get repaired. A battery that doesn’t work properly will create a problem for you and this will become exhausted. All you need to do is to come to Your Phone Guy LLC and get your problem fixed.

iPhone Repair

iphone Repair

Sometimes there may get an issue with your iPhone’s screen that it gets broken or got damaged or the touch screen is not working properly and smoothly or there’s an issue in the performance of your iPhone, so in spite that you have to spend more money in buying you can get it repaired in no time within economical range. Just by visiting the near Your Phone Guy LLC, and we assure your satisfaction.

Tablet Repair

Tablet Repairing Service

Tablets are just a complete PC more compactly and cutely but there might get problems with your tablet that should be resolved in time to work properly. Your Phone Guy LLC assures you the best quality services for tablets within your range, whether some components need to be replaced or repaired. It’s so hard to lose your favorite tech gadget, so don’t need to lose that when you have Your Phone Guy LLC, all you just need is to discuss your problem and get it fixed.

LCD Repair

LCD Repair

As our phones have made our life easier but sometimes they may trouble us, as they fall from our hand and LCD get broken or if it may not get broken but not functioning properly then, in that case, it will also be an issue as your phone will be of no use after that, so that needs to get fixed. If that certain issue happens to you just make us a call and we’ll get it repaired without wasting your time along with the warranty.

Camera Repair

Camera Repair

Nowadays cameras are used more frequently than other features of the phone. While you’re taking the selfie it may fall and result in a broken camera or sometimes there is an issue with the software of the phone camera that needs to be replaced. Our experts are masters in resolving your issue within no time, just give us a call and your problem will be fixed.

Water Damage Repair

water damage repair

When you use your phone frequently and take it anywhere along with you there might be a case that it will get wet and damaged due to water. This will result in serious water damage issues but you need not worry about that as our experts can deal with such problems easily.

Charging Port Repair

Charging Port Repair

If your phone refuses to work properly due to insufficient charging this will cause you a problem. And that insufficient charging is due to the damaged port that will not let your phone charge properly due to some issue in the port or the charging cable. Most of the problems that come to us are charging port problems, so that’s not an issue for us to fix in no time. We carefully and attentively work for our customers, so that they may not get that same issue ever again. We are just one call away to fix your problem in the best way possible.

If you want your phone in reliable hands to get repaired, you just need to contact Your Phone Guy LLC and not worry about any problem further in the future. We provide you the best phone services with long term warranty. We work for the betterment of our clients, so that they may not have the same issue in the future. If you have any further queries we are just one call away from you. You’ll be satisfied with the quality of our work. And that also in no time and low budget.

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