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professional device repair services

These days people are using more androids as they are affordable as well as compatible. But as we all know we use the phone in every situation, wherever we are or whatever we are doing we are so used to it. So when a thing is used so often there also come some errors and issues in it so to remove such errors and problems from your phone there are some companies that work for you. But you should choose a trusted company for that. Your Phone Guy provides professional device repair services and is always there at your doorstep.

Your phone can get damaged due to many reasons it may drop from your hand causing severe damage to your phone screen. That broken screen can ruin your whole day, as we are connected to our android phones every time. If you cannot find the problem with your phone then you can contact Your Phone Guy and their technicians will help you in diagnosing your phone and finding the exact problem and then provide you the facility of repairing.

LCD screen not working properly?

lcd not working

If your phone screen is damaged due to some reason it’s because you dropped your phone from your hand or maybe some child has damaged it by mistake and you are unable to see the LCD screen of your mobile properly. This problem can irritate you. What you need is not to worry about that, as our technicians at Your Phone Guy are there to help you in such a situation. Our technicians will repair the glass screen of your phone, it can also repair the chip that connects your phone via a screen. If your mobile screen is damaged in such a way that it cannot be repaired any more than your phone LCD can be replaced by the new one giving a new look to your phone.

Causing water damage to your Android phone

water damaging

Water can cause serious damage to your phone, you may drop your phone in the water. It can cause serious harm to your phone and after following every necessary instruction and tips & tricks to remove water from your phone if it’s still not working then you should not wait to come to Your Phone Guy. Their trained technicians will help you to recover your phone and give new life to your android phone.

You are not able to open new Android apps

app crash

If there is a problem with your Android phone that it cannot open your android apps and you are unable to do any task. Then you should try to uninstall apps and then reinstall them. If it’s still not working then you should contact Your Phone Guy and get your phone repaired in no time.

What to do in a situation of uncharged phone

uncharged phone

If there is a problem with the charging port of your phone, it cannot work properly. You are not having the necessary charging of your phone. It’s because of damage in the charging port or maybe there is damage in the wire and you tried to fix that in your home. If it’s still not working there might be some error in your phone or the charging port. Don’t panic in such a situation and waste no time to contact Your Phone Guy and get your problem fixed in no time.

If your phone performs slow

slow phone

What to do in a situation when your phone is not working properly? That it is not responding to you early. The performance of your phone becomes this happens sometimes because of your processor due to the heavy load of memory to your phone. Or there might be some other issues if you tried to remove some memory at home and still it’s not working properly then you should assist technicians of Your Phone Guy. They’ll diagnose the exact problem and will increase your phone performance by 100%.

There might be some other issues

Besides all of that some common issues there might be some other errors that come in your android phones causing them not to work properly. There may be a situation where the play store of your phone is not working or your android phone is stuck in a boot loop. You have installed some new apps and they keep crashing, again and again, there might be an error that apps cannot be downloaded on your android phone. Or there may be a situation in your android phone that your device is stuck and cannot be turned on or off. There is a situation where you can switch off your device but after turning it on it is stuck on the logo of your android company. In a situation that a black screen appears on your phone and your phone is not processing anymore you should not panic.

There comes such or many other problems like above that you cannot resolve at home. So you should assist the services of a trusted company that can repair your phone in no time and you don’t have to stop your work for any reason. Your Phone Guy LLC is a trusted company that works for the satisfaction of its customers and keeps its budget low. In case of any emergency regarding your phone, you can contact Your Phone Guy and they will get it fixed in no time.

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